Demo .wav Downloads and Demo Beats

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Here are a few Demo .WAV samples and demo Beats/Loops made with the samples so you can hear the quality of our audio files.  

Free .WAV ZIP Package Downloads -

Urban Warfare .WAV - Army Kit

Secret Stash .WAV - Killer Keys 2

One Stop Beats Kit - Blunt Series - Ashes

Coast to Coast Kit - Dirty South

Secret Stash .WAV - The Vox Trax Collection

Kanye Westernized Dope Construction Kit - East Coast Samples

MPC - Standard Popular Set

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The Sample Player contains Beats and Loops that were created using the Specified Global Heat Wave Categories so you can hear the quality of the .WAV Samples.  The way in which you utilize these .WAV Samples depends on your own vision, style, music tastes, and genre.  We restriced ourselves to only use the given kits sounds in each demo.  There was no layering of any other sounds past the sounds of the kit.

Demo Beats created with Global Heat .wav Samples (All .wav kits come with 1 free beat!)